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At Lake Forest, we embrace an accelerated, rigorous educational program to prepare our young Eagles for future academic success. Focusing on research-based strategies, differentiated instruction, individualized instruction, learning styles, community service, a strong creative arts component, and unwavering parental & community support, our students strive to succeed in every aspect of life. Equally important, we work with each teacher to develop an effective targeted instructional delivery technique that maximizes student achievement.

Furthermore, our mascot, the American Bald Eagle, is more than just a symbol to our staff, students, and parents. It is a reminder embedded in the spirit of commitment to high-level learning, perseverance, and hard work. Our students are constantly reminded that Eagles always soar high and never give up. In alignment with our mascot, teachers, administrators, and staff are referred to as “Eagle Leaders” and students are referred to as “Eagles.” Our school site is referred to as the “Eagles’ Nest” where our students, teachers, and parents interact as a family of stakeholders in our students’ education.