Summer Admissions  Application

Extended until Aug. 6th 2022 


About LFC

At Lake Forest Charter, we are committed to high-level learning, perseverance, and hard work. We place the utmost value on top quality instruction every day using research-based strategies, individualized instruction, and varied learning styles. We work with each teacher to develop an effective targeted instructional delivery technique that maximizes student achievement. Equally important, we value creative arts enrichment, health & wellness, community service, and unwavering parental involvement.

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The Lake Forest Charter academic vision is that all Eagles attend a four-year university and at least 85% gain advanced degrees. LFC Eagle Leaders work to instill a sense of tenacity and desire for life-long learning at its highest level in each of our students. Our designation as a 2013 National Blue Ribbon and 2009 & 2016 Title 1 Distinguished School is evidence of our students’ unwavering commitment to achieving their highest potential.

Lake Forest Charter believes in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of our students. Our model is a holistic approach that considers the whole child.  As a NOLA Platinum School, we have proven that we are dedicated to ensuring our young people are healthy and ready to learn. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, Eagles participate in health and wellness initiatives. LFC also provides a wide range of enrichment and extracurricular activities to encourage our students to explore their budding interests and talents.

Our school, affectionately known as the “Eagles’ Nest,” is where students, teachers, and parents interact as a family of stakeholders in our students’ education. We at LFC believe that our Eagle Leaders, both teachers, and parents, are equal partners in ensuring our children reach their greatest potential.  Our school culture promotes a collaborative teacher-parent effort to instill in our students a sense of perseverance, compassion, and a passion for life-long learning.

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