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Kindergarten Teachers

1st Grade Teachers

Ms. B. Mikell

Ms. Lydia Clark-McCrary

Mr. Brandon DeJean 

Ms. Kimberly Thompson- 

2nd Grade Teachers

Ms. D. Smith - (ELA)

Ms. T. Flot -  (SS/Sci)

Ms. Shelia Sonnier - (Math)

3rd Grade Teachers

Ms. Brittany James - 3rd Grade (SS)

Ms. Katie Lucky - 3rd Grade (ELA)

Mr. G. Evans - 3rd Grade (Math)

Ms. DeAsia Holmes  - 3rd Grade (Sci.)

4th Grade Teachers

Ms. S. Hardiman - 4th Grade (ELA)

Ms. K. Stricklin- 4th Grade (Sci)

Ms. Myriana Bierria - 4th Grade (SS)

Ms. A. Isaacs - 4th Grade (Math)

5th Grade Teachers

Ms. Karla Boyd - 5th Grade (Sci)

Ms. J. Brown- 5th Grade (ELA)

Ms. P. Jihan Goodly- 5th Grade (Math)

Ms. S. Rogers - 5th Grade (SS)

6th Grade Teachers

Mr. Chad Charles - 6th Grade (Sci)

Ms. B. Bailey- 6th Grade (ELA)

Ms. A. Deruisa - 6th Grade (Math)

Ms. T. Parker - 6th Grade (SS)

7th Grade Teachers

Ms. H. Williams - 7th Grade (SS)

Ms. A. Hunt - 7th Grade (Math)

Ms. R. Cager- 7th Grade (ELA)

Ms. Allison Rafferty-- 7th Grade (Sci.)

8th Grade Teachers

Ms. Andrea Sunday  - 8th Grade (SS)

Ms. S. Hagan - 8th Grade (Sci.)

Ms. L. Palermo - 8th Grade (ELA)

Ms. E. Ghalayini- 8th Grade (Math)

 Generalist Teachers

Mr. Hendryx Anderson (Math)

Ms. Christine Crump (Math)

 Language & Arts Instructors

Ms. Maria Riviere  (Spanish)

Ms. Heather Calvert - (ESL)

Ms. N. Washington (Drama)

Mr. L. Rawlins, Sr. (Band)

Ms. R. Barrau  (Strings/Orchestra)

Ms. T. Crayton  (Visual Arts)

Technology & Physical Education Instructors

Ms. R. Brown - (Technology)

Ms. P. McCain (Physical Education)

Mr. N.Guidry (Physical Education)

Instructional Staff 

Curriculum Office

Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. T. Warner, Exec. Director of Curriculum & Instruction -

Ms. D. LeBan, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Instructional Facilitators

Ms. K. Thompson (Kdg - 2nd grade)

Ms. A.Hartman  (3rd - 5th grades)

Ms. D. LeBan (6th -8th grades)

Ms. M. Watts (Science)

Ms. R. Frazer - (Social Studies)

Student Support Services

Ms. A.Dowden - SPED / Support Serv./ Sp. Ed. Coordinator

Ms. P. Smith-James - Support Serv./504 Coordinator

Ms. K. Mitchell-SPED/RTI Manager

Operations & Business Office

School Head Department

Ms. M. Early - C.E.O.

Dr. R.DeRousselle - Executive Director of School Quality

Ms. S. Foster - Executive Assistant

Business Department

Mr. B. St.Cyr - D.F.O./HR Manager

Mr. T. Tingstrom- Business Operations Admin

Ms. A. Soldano - Accounting Manager


Ms. Beth Galyon - School Secretary

Ms. Michelle Bell- Operations Assistant

School Support 

Admissions & Enrollment Office

Mrs. M. Egana - Admissions Director

Mrs. R. Route - Admissions/Enrollment Coordinator (On-site)

Ms. A. Minor - Admissions Coor. (Remote)

Student/Parent Support Services

Ms. C. Albert-Watson - Social Worker

Mr. D. Deal - Student Coordinator 

Ms. A. Faulkner - Parent Coordinator

Mrs. R. Route - Parent Coordinator (part-time)

Student Health Office

Ms. A. Bush - School Nurse

Ms. S. Poche - Ochsner School Nurse

Technology Office

Mr. R. Clement - Technology/Data Manager

Eagle Care & Cafe

Ms. T. Ellis - Child Nutrition/Eagle Care Coor.

Ms. M. Bell- Eagle Care Team Member


Mr. Sylvester Johnson, Jr. - Maintenance Coor.

Mr. Wade Hypolite - Assist. Maintenance Coor.

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School Directory

School Directory

School Directory

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