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Drama provides students an opportunity to develop their creative expression through the application of knowledge, ideas, communication skills, organizational abilities, and the imaginative world of theatre.


Students develop historical /cultural perspectives by reviewing work throughout history  (Shakespeare, Greek, Harlem Renaissance, etc.) Students  make informed verbal and written observations critical analyses through 

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Foreign Language

¡Bienvenidos al Programa de Español de Lake Forest Charter! 

 The program goals are:

  • To develop higher cognitive skills

  • To promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding

  • To increase functional proficiency in all aspects of the language with each year of study

  • To enhance the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in Spanish

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Information Technology

To prepare our Eagles for the constant evolution of technology all students are exposed to a variety of programs and cloud-based applications. Research has shown that interactive technology increases interest and enthusiasm for learning.


Students learn how the internet can be an investigative tool as well as the importance of their digital footprint. Each classroom is fitted with a Promethean Activeboard and each student is equipped with a laptop for both on site and at home learning.


 The LFC music program serves as a vehicle for creative self-expression through musical literacy. Students are taught written and spoken musical terms and learn to understand and apply basic music vocabulary to describe the aesthetic qualities of musical compositions. Through this program, academic and socially oriented skills are enhanced including self-discipline, concentration, and working within a group toward a common goal.


Grades 3rd and up enjoy either band (wind-based instruments) or string classes (includes violin, cello, viola, and double bass).

Physical Education

Health and wellness are an integral part of the learning process. Studies show that Physical Education aids in improving fitness, motor skill development, stress reduction, and can aid in building self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition to general physical activities, Lake Forest Charter also offers mindfulness courses,  as well as health and nutrition education.

Visual Arts

LFC's Visual Arts program is designed for artists of all ages. Students are introduced to the basic building blocks, Elements of Art and Principles of Design, in Kindergarten. Students then deleve in art history and art critiques before advancing to color theory, basic drawing techniques, painting, sculpture papier mache’, and pottery.

Info Tech
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