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LFC is a higher education-focused school. Our successful college readiness curriculum includes participation in the Duke University Talent Identification Program, where academically talented 7th graders get their first exposure to the ACT or SAT. Many of our LFC students have received the TIP Louisiana State Recognition (ACT scores 20 to 36) in Math, Science, English, and or Reading.

LFC students also participate in Science and Social Studies Individual Research Projects, which allow students to investigate questions about the world around them. Through experimental exploration, students take ownership of the details and course of the research with the guidance of teachers.


LFC students have participated and placed first in Tulane University’s Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair and the LSU State Science and Engineering Fair.

Students also explore their career interests by filling out Career Interest Surveys in elementary and middle school. Each student is to research careers in their focused area of interest. This research includes creating an education plan which will allow the student to become certified and/or licensed in their respective career choice. Students reflect on the information gathered and then devise a written plan to select and apply to high schools and plan for their tertiary education.


Students must create an Individual Graduation Plan/ IGP. The goal of this activity is to assist students with the following:


  • Determining whether to pursue a vocational or college-prep high school path

  • Selecting the high school courses that will allow for the acquisition of the appropriate number of Carnegie Units required by the state of Louisiana to qualify for high school graduation

  • Determining the grade point average needed to enter the vocational school, college, or university of their choice

  • Outlining the minimum ACT or SAT score requirements for admission to post-secondary educational institutions

  • Outlining the background and civic requirements for the career of their choice

  • identify scholarship, grants, TOPS Scholar, and other financial offerings that will assist them in financing their educational path

  • Specifying the top accredited educational institutes for their selected career choice