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Sustained Giving

Imagine if our school didn’t have to worry about the instructional costs to ensure that each of our children is provided with the highest quality of education.  Imagineif we didn’t have to rely on numerous fundraisers—from cookie dough sales to Cocktails & Blues—to help eliminate the huge gap between the limited government dollars that our school receives and the actual costs to educate each of our children.  Without these concerns, our entire community—our instructional leaders, teachers, and parents – could focus more on what matters most – the academic, athletic, cultural and emotional needs of all of our children.

However, the world is not so simple; but, you can help!   By making a regular, monthly contribution to Lake Forest Charter, you can help to eliminate these

concerns.  Just think:  if each parent gave just $5 a month (the cost of a fast-food hamburger!), we would raise $75,000 a year.  If each gave $10 a month, double

that to $150,000!  And if each gave $25 a month (the cost of two movie theatre tickets), we’d raise a WHOPPING $370,000 a year!  In just three years, we

could raise almost $1.2 million!  Imagine the swimming pool and soccer field, musical instruments, theatre costumes, tennis court, and computer labs with state-

of-the-art technology, that we could provide with $1.2 million.

 Please, consider signing up today to make a regular monthly contribution.  No amount is too large or too small.  You can donate by filling out the form below.