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Drama class provides students of grades Kindergarten through 8th the opportunity to explore the world of theatre by developing creative expression through the

application of knowledge, ideas, communication skills, organizational abilities, and imagination. Students develop aesthetic perception through the knowledge of

art forms and respect for their similarities and differences. Students can also develop historical/cultural perspective by recognizing as well as understanding that

the arts throughout history are a record of human experience with a past, present, and future (Shakespeare, Greek, Harlem Renaissance, etc.) Students can make

informed verbal and written observations about the arts by developing the skills for critical analysis through exposure to the arts. ule Advanced settings.


Notice of Interpretation and Translation:

Lake Forest Charter recognizes that both communication and partnership with parents and guardians are vital for the educational success of students. The district

is committed to providing quality and professional translation (written) and interpretation (oral) services to families so that they can take an active role in their

children’s education.

Notice of Interpretation and Translation Services ENGLISH

Lago Carta Bosque reconoce que tanto la comunicación como la colaboración con los padres y representantes son vitales para el éxito académico de los

estudiantes. El distrito está comprometido a proporcionar servicios de calidad y profesional de traducción (escrito) y de interpretación (oral) a las familias para que

puedan participar activamente en la educación de sus hijos

Anuncio de Servicios de Traducción e Interpretación (Notice of Interpretation)

Hồ Điều lệ rừng nhận ra rằng cả sự liên lạc lẫn sự hợp tác với phụ huynh và người giám hộ là điều tối quan trọng trong sự thành công về học vấn của học sinh.

Học khu cam kết việc cung cấp những dịch vụ về phiên dịch (bản viết) và thông dịch (vấn đáp) có phẩm chất và chuyên môn cho các gia đình để họ có thể đóng

vai trò tích cực trong việc giáo dục của con cái họ

Thông Báo Về Thông Dịch và Phiên Dịch Cho (Notice of Interpretation)

Second-Language Acquisition:


A Process, Not an Event

Learning a language is like a roller coaster ride, filled with highs and lows, confusing twists and turns.  Learning a language is like going on a journey. The path is

new terrain, filled with surprises.  Learning a language changes your identity; it is like becoming a new person. You have to try new ways of behaving. Sometimes it

is comfortable; often it is not.  To help out ESL students succeed in school, we need to provide them with access to comprehensible input in a non-threatening

environment for the entire school day.

How do students acquire a second language?

To help our ESL students succeed in school, we need to provide them with access to comprehensible input in a non-threatening environment for the entire school


Students acquire a second language when they receive an understandable message. When language contains structures that are only slightly beyond their level

, they take in “comprehensible input.” (Krashen) This enables them to make connections from the known to the unknown, moving gradually from the concrete to

the abstract. One other condition is essential for language acquisition. The learner must be open to it – free from too much anxiety or fear of failure.

Meaning is negotiated between teacher and learner. The student provides both positive and negative feedback through facial expression and body language.

Teachers need to adjust their language and use everything at their disposal (gestures, pictures, real objects etc.) to ensure they get the message across to the




¡Bienvenidos al Programa de Español de Lake Forest Charter! Welcome to the Spanish Program at Lake Forest Charter Elementary!

The Elementary Spanish Program at Lake Forest Charter offers students Spanish instruction once a week. The program goals are:

  • To develop higher cognitive skills
  • To promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding
  • To increase functional proficiency in all aspects of the language with each year of study
  • To enhance the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English and Spanish

Each lesson consists of three segments: Circle Time, Story Time and Art Time. These three segments together with the greeting song at the beginning and the

goodbye song at the end provide a consistent structure and routine for every lesson. Activities in Circle Time consist of calendar activities, singing songs and a

reviewing vocabulary from previous lessons. Children love to hear a good story. Story Time is an opportunity for students to use their imaginations to connect to

authentic Spanish through the storytelling experience. Sometimes the story is in Spanish and English, other times only in Spanish. During Art Time, students use

Spanish in a hands-on, creative setting. The entire class period is taught in Spanish. Classes are fun and involve a variety of learning styles to include every type

of learner. Students are introduced to new vocabulary through a variety of modes like flashcards, songs, and kinesthetic movement.



The world of technology changes at a rapid pace, to prepare our students for this constant evolution Kindergarten through 8th students are exposed to a variety of

programs and cloud-based applications. Each classroom is fitted with a Promethean Activeboard board. Research has shown that interactive technology

increases interest and enthusiasm for learning.  Students also learn how the internet can be an investigative tool as well as the importance of their digital footprint.


The aim of the LFC music program is to serve as a vehicle for creative self-expression through musical literacy. Kindergarten through 2nd

grade students are taught a general music program and students grades 3rd through enjoy either band (wind-based instruments) or string classes. Students are

taught a new language of written and spoken musical terms and learn to understand and apply basic music vocabulary to describe the aesthetic qualities

of musical compositions. Through this program, academic and socially oriented skills are enhanced including self-discipline, concentration and working within a

group toward a common goal.


Health and wellness are an integral part of the learning process. Studies show that Physical Education aids in improving fitness, motor skill development, stress

reduction, and can aid in building self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition to general physical activities, Lake Forest Charter also offers Aquatics,  A’s &

Ace’s, ballroom dancing, and First Tee Golf of Greater New Orleans as well as health and nutrition education.


he LFC Visual Arts program is designed for beginner artists in grades kindergarten through eighth. Students first learn the basic art techniques and are gradually

introduced to the Elements of Art, Principles of Design, art history, sculptures and art critiques. Students are encouraged to use a variety of problem-solving skills

and strategies that can be applied throughout all core subjects.

Teaching the curriculum of Visual Arts is an ongoing process. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design, which is the basic building blocks of art, are introduced

in kindergarten. These building blocks are reinforced as students proceed to higher grades. Students are introduced to basic drawing techniques, the color theory,

 pottery, papier mache’, painting, and art critiques.