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 Board of Directors

In accordance with New Orleans Louisiana Public School’s policy in regard to the composition of the Board of Directors, qualified individuals are recommended for consideration as possible board members by the members of the Board and CEO of Lake Forest Charter Elementary School. Once a prospect is established by a committee designated by the Board President, the individual may be elected to become a member of the Lake Forest Charter School Board by a majority of the Board members present and voting. The individual must also meet the qualifications set forth by the Orleans Public School Board.

Please click the link below for the policy prescribing the process and timeline for electing or appointing a parent/guardian to the governing board. Policy for Adding Parent Representative to the Board

Board of Directors

Mrs. Gina Dupart, President 

Pastor Brian K. Richburg, Sr., Secretary 

Mr. Tyronne Walker

Ms. Fredette Phillips

Mrs. Windi Brown Smith 

Ms. Denise Williams 

Mr. Ulysses Collins 


Lake Forest Elementary Charter School’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment for children from diverse backgrounds that facilitates maximum student achievement through a rigorous, accelerated academic program incorporating visual, cultural, and creative arts which will ultimately enhance each student’s ability to become a global, productive citizen.


  • Honesty 

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Resilience 

  • Hard Work 

  • Determination

  • Accountability