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LFC Approach



Lake Forest Charter provides a rigorous, accelerated academic program to students kindergarten through eighth grade. Serving as a beacon of light, hope, and promise to the New Orleans East community, the school’s mission is to holistically provide an exceptional academic foundation that translates to high academic achievement and lifelong learning.


Taking a multi-strategy approach to schooling, students are immersed in learning opportunities that challenge and develop their full potential while maintaining a healthy balance of their intellectual and emotional wellness. 

Various attributes of a college-going culture are etched into the fabric of LFC’s instructional practices and structure. Academic excellence is the top priority of all stakeholders. Students’ natural gifts and talents are cultivated through the integration of the arts, a strong focus on STEM, and the offering of multiple extracurricular activities. 

LFC has sustainable processes that engage teachers and leaders in reflective discourse and build a repertoire of strategies that challenge, motivate, and empower students. We use evidence-based approaches to provide differentiated and scaffolded support to meet the various needs of our diverse learners. Subsequently, we adjust our support accordingly to ensure their success. The school’s unwavering commitment to keeping learning time sacred, implementing a panoply of robust curricula while elevating instructional delivery, and utilizing rich data to inform decisions has yielded high scholastic academic growth and better outcomes for all students.


Care, support, and high expectations lie at the nucleus of the school’s instructional program. In partnership with our Eagle Families, the school instills in all students an appreciation for high-quality education supports them in building self-confidence, and positions them to boldly chase their dreams and goals. More importantly, with a fundamental understanding of the importance of hard work and determination, LFC strives to awaken and nurture the genius in each of our Eagles students.




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