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Outdoor Recreation Complex Capital Campaign


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Lake Forest Elementary Charter School is historically a leader in education in New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. Our students and educators consistently rank among the top 5% of schools in the State. We earned two (2013 & 2021) National Blue Ribbon Awards from the Department of Education, and our students move on to attend some of the best institutions of higher learning across the nation. However, Lake Forest is always trying to provide our Eagles with more, and we recognize that educational success is not only based on in-class achievement. 


Now, more than ever, student achievement depends on both mental and physical development. LFC wants to provide students with a facility that will expose them to both new and familiar sporting activities and opportunities. Developing hand-eye coordination, improving athletic ability, and learning team-building basics on the field, course, and track will add to student preparation and challenge their young minds in different ways than they are normally pushed inside the classroom. It is time to help our kids reach their full potential!















Our leadership team recognizes that we cannot do it alone. We need our community to support us and help with this endeavor. With your participation, we can create an environment for our Eagles that is most conducive to learning and living a healthy and productive life. Children who understand the importance of physical fitness not only improve their health but also their ability to learn and mature. Students who are physically active have better grades, cognitive performance, classroom behaviors, and less anxiety. 


Our Eagle Leaders consistently encourage our students to challenge themselves and set goals outside their comfort zones. As an organization, we must do the same! We have been on this journey for a while, but it is time to turn the corner. We know our destination is achievable with your support and commitment. We will only be able to ACHIEVE this goal TOGETHER!


Partner with us to create an amazing Outdoor Recreation Complex for our children and our community.

Outdoor Recreaction Complex
Sustaned Giving


Lake Forest Elementary Charter School’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment for children from diverse backgrounds that facilitates maximum student achievement through a rigorous, accelerated academic program incorporating visual, cultural, and creative arts which will ultimately enhance each student’s ability to become a global, productive citizen.


  • Honesty 

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Resilience

  • Hard Work

  • Determination

  • Accountability

Thank you to our sponsors!


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Donna Glapion 

Sustained Giving


Developing Students Into Future Leaders depends on steady support from committed partners like you.


Recurring Gift

Our children face challenges that many of us never encountered or even imagined. The world's constantly changing landscape presents our students with different obstacles along their journey towards success, but at LFC, we embrace the opportunity to achieve! However, it takes more than the annually budgeted State-Funding to give our Eagles the tools they need to compete nationally and globally.


Your automatic, recurring gift helps to ensure we are offering our children access to the best educational tools available. Eagle Partners like you are caring for our future and helping change the trajectory of the next generation.

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