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Homework At The Eagle's Nest 

Lake Forest Charter contends that homework reinforces the lessons taught during school hours and that continued learning engagement at home allows parents/guardians to monitor their child’s progression and student achievement.  According to the American Psychological Association, “Studies have shown that parent engagement in schools can promote positive education and health behaviors among children and adolescents. Research shows a strong relationship between parent engagement and educational outcomes, including school attendance and higher grades, and classroom test scores. 


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Holiday Instructional Lessons

At Lake Forest Charter completion of the Holiday Instructional Lesson is also mandatory. These lessons are sent home during school break periods and are required to be completed upon return to school. Holiday packets are tailored individually and activities target areas the students need the most. 


At Lake Forest Charter completion of the Holiday Instructional Lesson is mandatory as we believe that learning is continuous.

Holiday packets are tailored individually and activities target areas the students need the most. Our Instructional Team prepares Louisiana Student Standards-based online activities that contain assignments that are directly aligned to the curriculum. This is one way Lake Forest has consistently achieved and maintained high academic results. 

Holiday Packets do not take the entire holiday break to complete.  They are scheduled with the extended holiday breaks of Thanksgiving, Winter, and Mardi Gras. Parent supervision and monitoring of the process from start to finish are critical. When students return the Holiday Packet, teachers intensely review the activities completed.

Late packets/assignments are not accepted, including students who are absent and/or students who are traveling out of town. Failure to complete the holiday assignments will severely affect your child’s report card grades.; therefore, we need our parents to monitor and assist students in completing this important activity.


LFC Holiday Packet Policy: See Handbook



Lake Forest Charter provides built-in support throughout the academic year that assists students when they need it the most.


Tutoring/ Eagle Extended Day/Saturday Camp

Eagle Extended Day Learning Program, Saturday Camp, and tutoring deliver the support students need to succeed in everyday learning.

Saturday Camp

Begins after the winter holiday. This program offers additional learning experiences on different content and grade-specific standards. If selected for this program, you will be required to attend morning sessions on Saturday (2 ½ hours).



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Summer Brain Power

Lake Forest Charter Summer activities in mathematics and English Language Arts are geared to combat learning loss and keep our students' mental abilities productive and sharp.

Summer Brain Power

LFC’s Summer Brain Power Program offers enrichment and is a preventive measure. Statistically, students' achievement levels decline over summer vacation. This decline often referred to as the summer slide, is higher in mathematics than reading.

Benefits of summer learning: 

  • Students remain intellectually engaged.

  • Students are active and in a balanced routine.

  • Students may feel an increased sense of purpose.  

  • Students may foster independence 

  • and increase focus on both academic and personal growth.  

  • Additional support may lead to increases in self-confidence and self-esteem.      

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