Lake Forest Charter contends that homework reinforces the lessons taught during school hours and that continued learning engagement at home allows parents/guardians to monitor their child’s progression and student achievement.    According to the American Psychological Association, “Studies have shown that parent engagement in schools can promote positive education and health behaviors among children and adolescents. Research shows a strong relationship between parent engagement and educational outcomes, including school attendance and higher grades, and classroom test scores. - "Helping Your Child with Homework"

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Holiday Packets

At Lake Forest Charter completion of the Holiday Instructional Lesson is also mandatory. These lessons are sent home during school break periods and are required to be completed upon return to school. Holiday packets are tailored individually and activities target areas the students need the most. 



Lake Forest Charter provides built-in support throughout the academic year that assists students when they need it the most.

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Summer Brain Power

Lake Forest Charter Summer activities in mathematics and English Language Arts are geared to combat learning loss and keep our students' mental abilities productive and sharp.