Administrative & Support Staff

NameTitle Email Address
Early, MardeleFounding Chief Executive
St. Cyr, Bernell
Director of Finance & Operations/HR
Soldano, Annetta
Brice, LynetteFinance
Warner, TamaraExecutive Director of
James, Patricia Instructional Facilitator (K - 2nd Grades)
Hartman,AprilInstructional Facilitator (3rd-5th Grades)
LeBan, Dianna Instructional Facilitator (6th-8th Grades)
Dowden, AdrienneInstructional Facilitator (SpEd, 504, and RTI)
Gasper, Samarie
Administrative Assistant (Students' Record Requests)
Egana, Monique Executive
Watson, Christa Social
Galyon, Beth School
Clement, Robert Director of
Ellis, ToyaDirector of Child Nutrition &
Bell, Michelle Operations
Route, Roxanne Parent
Colbert, WyaneStudent
Johnson, Sylvester Facilities/Maintenance
Hypolite, WadeMaintenance
Brown, Troy Maintenance
Carter, Dwight Maintenance
Chester, Marc Maintenance
Marrero, Benjamin Maintenance
Montelongo, Lizbeth Maintenance