Clubs & Activities

Ballroom Dancing

A premier social dance program allowing students to build their self confidence and teach social skills. Students learn several dances including Merengue, Swing, Salsa, Tango and Waltz. Dance training incorporates etiquette, communication, cultural and historical background of each dance.



The goal of the Lake Forest Eagles Band is to prepare each band member to become proficient on the student’s instrument of choice. The band is taught sight reading as well as major and chromatic scales.

Lake Forest Eagles Band members are prepared to be competitive and successful in many musical endeavors through their participation in a number of musical forums, including the New Orleans Jazz Fest.


Chess Club

Chess club will be held in Mrs. Riviere’s Spanish classroom # 1182.  The club will be held every other Thursday.  The dates for chess club will be posted on the school’s website under the “enrichment tab.”  Some holidays may affect the schedule so please check the posted dates below.

Ms. Calvert and Mrs. Riviere will gather chess club students from the gym at 3:45 to take them to chess club.  Students are to be picked up from the gym by parent/guardian no later than 5:00, or they will be brought to aftercare for a fee.  

Snacks are NOT allowed in Ms. Riviere’s room.

Chess Club meetings (note – Dates after Christmas will be released at a later time.)







Debate Team

Debate and public speaking are of extraordinary value to our LFC Middle School students. Participation in debating boosts student self-confidence, accelerates learning across the curriculum, and improves critical thinking and oral communication skills.

These skills may lead to meaningful careers in politics and teaches our children the importance of diplomacy. The LFC debate team will dominate tournaments as competitors in the Crescent City Middle School Debate League.


Eagle Pride Art Club

The Eagle Pride Art Club is designed for students who exhibit advanced skills in various art media. The art club is always thrilled when asked to create projects for the school. Projects such as designing banners for the school fair, painting trash cans to promote “green living,” creating and hanging posters with positive messages for students taking the Leap and iLeap Assessment, and designing backdrops for special events.

In order to apply for membership, students must maintain a 2.5 GPA, provide a strong portfolio, and get three recommendations; two from a teacher and one from an administrator. Invitation is given only to students in grades four through eight.


Eagles with Etiquette Club

Promote positive social skills to counteract factors of substance abuse by providing the following: a local venue for student demonstration of positive, complimentary, cooperative social skills and good etiquette.

Mission: The best and the brightest students of Lake Forest Elementary Charter School, from grades 4th to 8th will organize themselves for the purpose of initiating activities that are designed to enhance student interpersonal and social competence. Students perform choral readings and skits school wide via the intercom system during afternoon announcements. Lessons on how we live and interact with others help students become polished for any situation, including good manners, “Refusal Skills”, develop self-confidence, assertiveness, review table manners/ cafeteria etiquette, rules for taking pride and respecting property, anti-bullying and teasing etc.

Students must complete an application, take an honor pledge and attend meetings to practice for each presentation. These students also serve as escorts extending a warm welcome to visitors and guests.

•  High self-esteem, self-satisfaction and confidence are benefits for all participants.
•  Their names are listed in the school newsletter and they are recognized during our end of year school honor assembly.
•  Eagles with Etiquette participants provide training for themselves and peers thereby negating negative factors of substance use and abuse.


Eclectic Eagles Book Club

The Eclectic Eagles Book Club provides positive, intellectual stimulation through reading and discussing literature of varying genres that are both interesting and age-appropriate in a fun relaxing environment.

Students in grades 3 through 8 read three books per year, take notes and keep a journal as they read, and attend three to four book club meetings. The meetings are held every other month for about one hour after school. Students participate in a Socratic Seminar while enjoying light refreshments. All members are responsible for donating snacks and parents volunteer to serve and clean –up. There is an end-of-the-year celebration in which members socialize and share memories of the year’s experiences.


Journalism Club

The Journalism Club teaches Middle School students to develop and distribute a school-wide student newspaper.  Participants meet after school to brainstorm story ideas, practice journalistic skills, such as interviewing and editing, and collaborate on meaningful projects.  Journalism Club nurtures real-world writing skills that can be transferred to life beyond Lake Forest Charter School.

National Honor Society

This organization was established in 1929. The purpose of NJHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in the students of secondary schools.

Lake Forest Elementary Charter school first applied for its National Jr. Honor Society Charter in the 2013-14 school year. This program is currently sponsored by Ms. Trineika Melancon.

After the first quarter grades are issued, A five member committee will vote to induct those students earning a G.P.A. of 3.5 or above, exemplify good behavior, and outstanding character. Students can become a member by invitation only. If the invitation is accepted and signed by the parent, the student will participate in a brief ceremony where they are sworn in.

After the ceremony, members will be required to attend monthly meetings, pay dues, and make decisions on in-house activities, and how to provide community service.


Strings Ensemble

Students will learn to play a stringed instrument–whether violin, viola, cello, or bass. Since reading music and rhythms is essential to playing, students will also learn fundamentals pertaining to music.

Our goal in strings ensemble is to expand the minds of our students and use our skills to play and interpret music. We will also listen to different genres of music and expose our students to a side of music they aren’t yet familiar with.

Playing an instrument is a gateway to many wonderful careers and here at Lake Forest our goal is to guide our Eagles on a music-filled journey!